We Have a Body , We Have a Mind, We are a Soul Spirit

Vibhuti Naturals – bringing balance to body & mind with the nurturing of Mother Nature.

Vibhuti Naturals is a range of health and body products that meets our wellbeing requirements, bringing us back to our natural state.

Our body is made up of elements that are found naturally throughout our land (Mother Nature). By using these elements as health care our body responds to these active ingredients because they are similar to our body’s natural state. This then creates perfect harmony therefore healing physical ailments and balancing emotions in our mind.

Can it be that simple to connect with Nature to give our body nourishment?

Minerals, vitamins, positive thoughts and purpose is how we can nourish our body, mind & soul.

  • Natural minerals both land and ocean mineral elements are easily recognised by the body
  • Honey & bees wax provides enzymes, antioxidant and healing activity.
  • Flower essences and vibrational medicines promote well-being for our mind and body through balancing the physical and emotional aspects of us.
  • Crystals are used in the making of Vibhuit Naturals through specialty formed grids to support & uplift the vibration and connection of the ingredients.
  • Meditation and intention the most powerful part of the ingredients as each of the formulas have been divinely given through messages in mediation along with proportions and dosages.

What Vibhuti stands for:

Vibhuti is a Sanskrit name that translates into sacred ash.

The meaning of this ash is …………..“Ash is ash forever and ever. This state of ash reminds us of our true nature, which is the Atma, our soul. Our soul never undergoes any change. So burn your vices, your bad habits, and worship a higher purpose, rendering yourself pure in thought, word and deed. Reach the state of nothingness and attain liberation by absorbing the essence of the Vibhuti “

Vibhuti Naturals explains – when we purify our life and are in perfect harmony with nature, our body is healthy and our mind is peaceful, leaving us in an optimal state of wellness.

  • Body & Room Sprays
  • Chakra Products
  • Ayurvedic Oil Blends
  • Vibrational Medicines
  • Herbal Formulas
  • Healing Balms
  • Natural Body Butters & Creams
  • Massage & Body Oils
  • Mineral Bath & Body Salts